relax, rest, drink, reside.

You have the Spirit of God living in you, so relax, rest, drink... reside.

The pressure of performance and perfection is non-existent. 
He's not a taskmaster. It's simply about letting go and letting Him in.

I'm hoping this album helps you to enter into a new
place of openness in your spiritual expression.

As He resides in us, may we also choose to reside in Him.


This album was written mostly from a grand season of change, where all the plans you thought you had, didn't work out so well and instead the great 'lean in' to reliance in the simplicity of trusting one greater than myself had no choice but to take root.

For me, "Reside" and the front cover depict the allowance of the Spirit of God into the places within oneself previously not open to him...

 "Forevermore" is about learning to sing above your circumstance,
"About Love" is the reminder to the soul of what's important,
"We Are Children" celebrates the joy that can be found in everyday life,
"Forgiveness" is the thank you for our eternal standing,
the list goes on... I really hope this album blesses you.



Download Chord Charts

Here's the charts for the songs if they tickle ya' fancy:


Forevermore - Backing Track / Instrumental

About Love


Joy of Surrender

Gladness (widen my eyes)

Hope Against hope


Album Credits


All songs written and arranged by Ben Potter in collaboration with Olivia Fry, Nik Karlin, Glen Spencer, Veronica Williams, Tahlia McLeod, Daniel Burgess, Jon Sewell and Lorenzo Echols.

Produced by Nik Karlin


Ben Potter
Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Piano, Synthesizer, Graphic Design

Nik Karlin
Synthesizer, Bass, Piano, Programming, Treatments

Mitch McDonough
Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar

Keely McLeod
rums, Percussion

Jenny Eriksson
Viola Da Gamba

Ryan Smith
Acoustic Guitar


Recorded at
Nik Karlin Studios, Liner Recording, Ryde Baptist church, Kolmikon Studios

Mastering by
'The Mastering Guy' Trent Dobson